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The electric Lepton EX has the high performance of .50 class I.C. helicopter.

Fully ballraced and 3D capable, this machine is supplied in kit form.

All-metal rotor head
Al-metal swashplate
Belt driven tail rotor gearbox
Magnesium and carbon hybrid side frames
Push-pull SWM control system

Build Type:KIT
Electric Motor:Brushless Electric
Rotor Diameter:955mm
RRP £561.99


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Part No: A-H0304-903
Item Name: Hirobo Lepton EX Kit
Brand: Hirobo
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The U811W Mini Black Hawk Gunship is designed to look like a real helicopter with a beautiful all moulded body with many details such as panel lines, dummy exhausts and a soldier hanging out the side! To top this off there is also a bright led light in the nose to show the way in darker rooms of the house. The clever contra-rotating rotor blade design allows for maximum stability and durability. With the latest 2.4GHz radio technology the hummingbird is simple to fly using 3 channels up/down, left/right and forward/back.

Supplied ready to fly out of the box all you need to do is add batteries to the transmitter, charge it up using the included charger and you are ready to fly.

• Working LED Light from controller
• 2.4Ghz Radio Included!


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: A-U811W
Item Name: UDI RC Udi Military 2.4ghz Mini Heli
Brand: UDI RC
Product Overview

For those looking to hone their skills on a collective pitch machine, the Blade® 230 S V2 takes the flight experience to the next level. Building off the widely popular platform, this new version adds key improvements geared at growing pilot skills. The new ESC gives even more impressive flight stability and heading hold, creating a clean, confidence inspiring flight experience. Additionally, the newly tuned Spektrum AR636 with aluminum bottom case and improved damping makes this heli feel like a whole new machine in the air.

RRP £219.99


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: BLH1450
Item Name: Blade 230S V2 BNF Basic
Brand: Blade

The original Blade Nano CP X impressed the RC market with a palm-size 3D heli that performed incredibly well at a fraction of the cost most machines with the same capability offered. As its popularity grew, users dubbed it the “Real-Life RC Simulator” because most impacts that occurred while practicing 3D did practically no harm to the wonder-machine. Today, the little Blade Nano CP takes another leap forward by incorporating SAFE technology to its list of innovative features for an aerobatic experience that will help you be even more fearless.

The Blade Nano CP S ultra micro RC helicopter is the perfect choice for aerobatic heli fun, especially if you want to try 3D maneuvers for the first time.

Experience Level:Intermediate
Length:7.76 in (197mm)
Main Rotor Diameter:7.76 in (197mm)
RRP £84.99


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: BLH2480
Item Name: Nano CP S BNF
Brand: E-Flite

Modeled after the popular ultra-micro Blade mSR heli, the Blade mSR S is a great way to step up from coaxial helis and multirotor drones to a single-rotor machine. Fixed-pitch, flybarless rotor simplicity lets you enjoy extra speed and agility with a durable and efficient design. The included 1S 150mAh battery has a higher 45C discharge rate, so you get more responsive power while keeping the battery weight the same. Exclusive SAFE and AS3X technology helps keep you in control by delivering the stability you need to develop confidence quickly.

LiPo:150mAh 3.7V 45C LiPo (Inc.)
Electric Motor:Brushed (Inc.)


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: BLH2980
Item Name: Blade MSR S BNF with Safe
Brand: Blade

Building on the popularity of the 180 CFX, the Trio 180 CFX is a powerful, micro, 3D machine that now comes with a 3-bladed rotor head improving response and collective authority. Combined with optimized servo geometry, enhanced digital metal gear servos, carbon fiber frame and a lighter overall profile, the Trio 180 CFX provides intermediate and advanced pilots the crisp flight experience that made the 180 CFX a micro 3D standout. Featuring a high-torque brushless outrunner main motor and Castle Creations ESC, this heli features a potent punch every pilot needs for thrilling back yard 3D maneuvers.

LiPo:450mAh 11.1V 30C LiPo (Req.)
Blades:Carbon (Inc.)
Electric Motor:Brushless Outrunner (Inc.)


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: BLH3750
Item Name: Blade Trio 180 CFX BNF Basic
Brand: Blade

The Blade 70 S is the perfect indoor ultra-micro heli for beginner pilots looking to hone their skills. Right out of the box, pilots are presented with a complete heli package and the ability to take their skills to the next level. Equipped with SAFE Technology, the fixed-pitch flybarless design offers unmatched stability. The direct-drive tail motor and carbon fiber tail boom keeps the heli firmly locked-in while the 1S 150mAh battery and brushed motors provide power and throttle response for an impressive control feel.

Flight Time:4-5 minutes (Approx)
RRP £74.99


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: BLH4200
Item Name: Blade 70 S RTF 2.4GHz
Brand: Blade
The Blade 130 S is a powerful, sub-micro sized collective pitch helicopter with SAFE Technology. Self-stabilization, panic switch and three progressive flight modes give intermediate to advanced pilots the confidence to master 3D flight indoors and out. The 130 S builds on this popularly sized heli while adding significant improvements such as SAFE Technology, a powerful, low maintenance direct drive tail motor, and improved linear servos. A strong frame gives you the durability you need, while brushless motors provides the power and performance you want.

Length:12 in (304mm)
Type:Collective Pitch (CCPM) Flybarless
RRP £249.99


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: BLH9300UK
Item Name: Blade 130S RTF with Safe (Mode 2)
Brand: Blade

Following the release of the T-REX 450L, which introduced an innovative design and came equipped with high-end electronic equipment. Align's most anticipated helicopter release in 2016 the T-REX 470L is born. No matter whether you are a newcomer or a professional, the brand new T-REX 470L will give you the new flying feel again.

470EFL Main Rotor Head provides superior flight stability and offers a lower CG design to reduce flying resistance while providing a more rigid and fast rotor head response.

LiPo:6s 1450-1850mAh (Req.)
Electric Motor:470MX Motor 1800KV (Inc.)
Gyro:Microbeast X Plus (Inc.)
Radio:6 Channel (Req.)


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: RH47E01XT
Item Name: Align T-Rex 470LM Dominator Sup Com
Brand: Align
Experienced in numerous of innovations, the brand new T-REX 500X is here. More attractive and creative design ideas are all in here, it absolutely would be your favorite T-REX 500X model ever.

Refresh and refine, T-REX 500X adapt with brand new FL rotor head system, utilizes an extremely low CG design which reduces resistance during 3D maneuvers while increasing flight responsiveness and precision. A progressive design adds a gloss silver and red anodizing appearance which continue our quality development based on our 700 class helicopter.

LiPo:6S 2600-3300mAh Li-Po (Req.)
Electric Motor:520MX Brushless Motor(1600KV/3527) (Inc.)
Gyro:Microbeast PLUS Flybarless (Inc.)


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: RH50E18XT
Item Name: Align T-Rex 500X Dominator Beast X
Brand: Align
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